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Jan 19

The Instructions Are In Another Language!
Monday, January 19, 2015

How many times have you purchased a piece of furniture to find out once it is delivered to you at home that it comes flat packed? Further to that, when you opened the box and find the instructions they do not make any sense at all. As far as you are concerned they could be written in another language.

You throw the instructions over your shoulder in a ball and decide to "wing it". Once you locate the bag of screws, nuts and the allen key, you proceed to lay all the pieces out on the floor ready to assemble.

All is going well, the guessing game is going your way and you smile with satisfaction as you realise the end is near. Then voila - job done!

You step back to admire your handy work and out of the corner of your eye you see two lonely screws on the floor - panic sets in. You start to question your assembly skills and wonder if the furniture piece will fall apart when you pick it up or move it. Then you start to chastise yourself for not taking more time to read and understand the instructions. Been there?

So have we - many times! However we love the challenge even when the instructions are in another language.