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Feb 04

Wired or Wireless For Sound
Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Sir Cliff Richard made this song a huge hit in 1981, as groovers and shakers everywhere adopted roller skates and the cassette  walkman. My how things have changed over the years.Technology is moving at lightening speed and the way we listen to music has changed tremendously.

We started the latest musical era with MP3, moved to You Tube and with the assistance of smart phones and tablets the face of music has indeed changed.

Have you noticed how the younger generation roll their eyes at the old CD's we used to play; although vinyl is rolling around again as it gains some new (yet old) popularity. 

But back to the point Wired For Sound!

Today using your smart phone, tablet plus a multitude of other technological advances, you really can do what Sir Cliff told us to do.

Using WIFI and Blue Tooth technology you can create a musical haven in your home and really please all members of the family, young and old. Create musical zones that can follow you from room to room.

With so many options to choose from and the age of your home to take into account you might be tempted to put this in the too hard basket and give it a miss. It can be confusing, mind boggling and simply too difficult if you are technology challenged. But don't be put off, speak to the professionals and see what they can do to help give your home some tunes indoors and outdoors.

And thanks to Sir Cliff - now we really are Wired (or wireless) For Sound.......